The 640 Foundation celebrated the 1915 pioneering creation of the “House That Women Built” with an elegant 100th birthday gala on November 5th in the Club’s historic headquarters. The event honored in every way the foresight and dedication of the original founders to establish the first women’s athletic club in the West at a time when women did not yet have the right to vote in national elections, were generally discouraged from physical activity, and whose ability to build and operate such an institution was often scorned in the press.

The Woman’s Athletic Club of San Francisco (renamed Metropolitan Club in the 1960s) broke the mold of other women’s clubs of the time that tended to be residential in scale. Designed by prominent architects Bliss & Faville, the building at 640 Sutter Street rivaled the finest men’s athletic clubs in size and offerings. What better place to celebrate this historic institution’s birth than its historic and elegant clubhouse, listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2004?

The event also presented the opportunity to raise significant funds to ensure the preservation of this important institution for another 100 years. The evening featured a very successful Silent and Live Auction. Together with the sponsorships of hundreds of generous donors, it is expected that total funds raised will exceed $250,000.

A proud moment of the evening came when Mistress of Ceremonies, Jan Yanehiro, Bay Area broadcaster and Metropolitan Club Member, presented a plaque to Foundation President Misty Tyree containing the testimony of Congresswoman Jackie Speier read into the Congressional Record on November 5th. Read that testimony here: PROCLAMATION

The 640 Heritage Preservation Foundation Board past and present (Jo-Ann Rose, Misty Tyree,
Carol Ann Rogers, Karen Rose, Molly Brant, Peggy Mitchell, Barbara Kimport, Margaret Handelman,
Maria Hilakos Hanke, Helene Ettelson and Gee Gee Platt). 


special-thanksSpecial thanks to our wonderful Gala Co-Chairs, Lisa Harris, Peggy Mitchell and Carol Ann Rogers, and our Gala Committee, Lucy Buchanan, Deihleen Claffey, Terry Gross, Patty McCrary, Nora Monfredini, Stephanie Reynaga, Jo-Ann Rose, Karen Rose, Ann Simon, Patricia Smith, Misty Tyree, Sylia Wilkerson, Maureen Wright & Gay Yamagiwa.

More thank yous to our friendly and efficient Gala Volunteer Chairs, Maureen Murray Fox and Gay Yamagiwa and Volunteers, Barby Backer, Dawne Bernhardt, Gael Bruno, Nina Buthee, Pamela Buttery, Laine Clifford, Lydia Cohen, Trisha Davis, Helene Ettelson, Barbara Feduska, Felicia Feng, Susie Gilmartin, Linda Golm, Nancy Hayes, Barbara Johnson, Helen Johnson, Deidre Kernan, Joni Lachman, Elizabeth Leep, Elaine Lugo, Kathleen McNulty, Lily Miller, Donna Neff, Joanne Nino, Merilyn Presten, Lina Prichard, Stephanie Reynaga, Jean Riney-Niewiadomski, Susie Steer, Suzanne Vuko, & Anne Young.


Corporate Centennial Patron

Corporate Women’s Faith In Women Sponsor

Centennial Benefactors, $15,000
Janet McKinley
Misty & Lee Tyree

Centennial Patrons, $10,000
Terry Anne Huggins
Suzanne Muntzing & S. Hammond Edwards

House That Women Built, $5,000
Deihleen E. Claffey
Delia Ehrlich
Elizabeth J. Folger
Gretchen B. Kimball
Donna G. Krupp
Betty Lampen
Beverly Maytag
Grace Perkins

Women’s Faith In Women, $2,500
Betty Alberts
Drue Ashford
Giselle Bosc
Julia Cheng
Helene Ettelson
Helen & Dr. Wayne Fung
Angelyn Grillo
F. Scott & Terry Gross
Margaret Handelman
Lisa & Haig Harris
Patricia & Juan Jayo
Barbara Johnson
Nancy Johnson
Dr. Katalin Kádár Lynn
Mary Ann & Andrew Kayser
Lillemor Leichum
The Linnenbach Family Trust
Margaret McCaul
Alison & Michael Mauzé
Carol & Sam Miller
Peggy Mitchell
Maura Morey
Beryl Potter
Marky Lynn Quayle
Ursula Ralph
Carol Ann & Nielsen Rogers
Amanda & August Roth
Ann Simon
Violet Schoning Taaffe
Eve & Wallace Wertsch
Gay A. Yamagiwa

Second Century, $1,250
Sharon McCarthy Allen & Dale L. Allen, Jr.
Vanda Alicastro
Pat Ascher
Darla Evans Bastoni
Sandra Bessieres
Carolyn Block-Arnelle
Betty Brachman
Molly Brant
Peggy & Tim Brown
Janis M. Burke
Patricia Calfee & Ian Picache
Heidi Cary
Donna Miller Casey
Courtney S. Clarkson & Roy C. Leggitt, III
Deidre Brodeur Coen
Ruth M. Cowan
Shirley Coyne
Dona Crowder
Bonnie Dailey
Margaret and Elizabeth Day
Denise M. Decker
Kelny Denebeim & George Calys
Elizabeth Davis Devlin
Ann Dey
Beverly & Ted Eden
Virginia Formichi
Karena & Matt Fowler
Ilse Gaede
Linda Golm
Maria Hilakos Hanke
Linda Hannawalt
Cynthia Sperry Harris
Charlene Harvey
Beverly Hauschildt
Joan Henricks
Janet & Bob Higgins
Juliet Hoffman
Valarie and Henry Huff
Christine Hughes & Abe Ostrovsky
Mary S. Hunt
Barbara & David Kimport
Sydnie Kohara
Kathryn Lawrence
Melissa Li
Marie & Barry Lipman
Marcia MacArthur
Ayn McGee & Chris Rillo
Robert & Mary Lou Maier
Deborah Mann
Sue & Jack Molinari
Nora & John Monfredini
Patrice R. Motley
Laura Grieneeks Nelson
Patricia N. Olsen
Trish Otstott
Yi-Chih Peng-Williams
Gee Gee Platt
Merilyn Presten
Amy V. Quirk & Michael P. Lehmann
Nancy & Alan Raznick
Jennifer & Katherine Rogers
Jo-Ann Rose
Karen & Ronald Rose
Laverne & Alan Silverman
Patricia B. Smith
Dr. Elisa Stephens
Lynn H. Thompson
Sharon Tjian & Peter A. Firpo
Caroline Tower
James S. & Gayle Tunnell
Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Van Pelt
Yi-Chih Peng and Justin Williams
Dr. Ronald & Mrs. Diana Ward
Mrs. Margrethe Ann Welch
Sylvia Faison Wilkerson & Hans Bernwall
Lynn Armstrong Winkel
Sharon & Russell Woo